Tuesday, February 21, 2012


 I have decided to show off the large sprays of blooms today as I find the flowers a beautiful addition to pages as they can take up a large portion of the page with little else for us to add and still make a layout look amazing.

I have used the Floralette #7   on my layout.

Firstly I painted the leaves and stem with Making Memories paint. This is a nice thick paint so I decided not to undercoat my chipboard as I felt it did not need it. Then some Sprinklers spray was added, I lightly misted the leaf areas on the chipboard to highlight and add a little definition.

The next step was to color the flowers, I wanted them to be bold and stand out so Adirondack alcohol ink was added to give a rich vibrant color. I dropped one or two drops straight onto the chipboard and it spread and soaked into the chipboard to cover the whole flower in no time at all.

After adding my Chipboard Floralette to my page with foam dots I decided to embellish it further by adding some extra flowers and some bling.

Sorry for the dodgy final picture ... its a little late here when I took it so the colour is a little off. 

Thanks for coming to check out my how to with the Floralette#7.  
Have a great week of scrapping


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  1. Fantastic tutorial! Need to try those inks on chips. Never did it.