Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Paper & Glimmer & Glam Oh My!

Hi everyone! Amy here to share with you some more amazingly fabulous scraplets! I am having so much fun being part of the A2Z Scraplets Design Team and I love sharing with you my designs and helping to inspire all of you.

Today I have a quick little story to share about my February Design Team Pack of new releases. Julie doesn't even know this so shhhhhh don't tell her hehehehehe. So anyway I am a mother of 2 gorgeous girls and my eldest, Mia, just started school this year. The build up before School was lets just say, INTENSE. She got sooooo bored and soooo naughty it was beyond bearable. One morning I awoke at some ridonkulous hour (usually before 6.30am yuck I know!) to find my darling Mia on the loungeroom floor sitting on my 2 month old floor rug with a pizza box covered in puddles and I mean PUDDLES of paint. Little did I know that underneath the entire tubes of 8 different Kaisercraft paint puddles was my February Design Team Pack of Scraplets. Eeeeekkk I lost my voice that morning LOL. Anywho I was so ashamed to even tell Julie because *cough cough* in January I may have destroyed a chipboard title myself and already asked for one thing to be replaced in my short term so far on the DT so I did not want to ask again LOL. Point to the story is that I had already designed these layouts in my head with photos etc and now, in my mind they were destroyed.

Obviously I soldiered on with them and after allowing the chipboard to dry I started to plan how I can rectify this! Hmmmmmm yes I pondered and I pondered but I was determined to succeed and although I cannot show you the new releases just yet as Julie will be releasing these very very soon, for now here are some sneak peaks and ways I worked around the mess of colours that were added to my poor scraplets LOL

First up I created a shabby chic look out of a Scraplet that was mainly covered in red paint. To create this effect I simply coated the chippie with White Gesso (Thick White paint would work too) and I then scraped a lot of it off intentionally and very messily after letting it dry for only about 2 minutes. I just used a Plastic spatula. The effect on the Scraplet piece I used is amazing and looks so much nicer overall but you will have to wait till the release to find out hehehehe.

Next up was this poor scraplet that was literally multicoloured and I am sure in a normal world it should look amazing almost like a rainbow, but no it was just all turning brown where the colours were mixing and it looked icky! LOL So I have firstly coated a nice thick layer of White Gesso over the entire scraplet to cover the colours underneath well. I did not like the brush strokes on this section so I used a washing up sponge (clean one of course) and sponged the top of the gesso to give this cool effect. Next up I have simply used water colour pencils and then I have added a touch of Dazzling Diamonds Glimmer Mist over the top (not too much as too much more water will make the watercolour run and thin out more). I also doodled around the edges with a sharpie!

The below piece of Scraplet is actually part of the above Scraplet heheheh I am so sneaky and mean aren't i? For this part of the Scraplet I have as above added Gesso, Watercolour, Mist & Doodled but here I left the brush strokes instead of using a sponge for texture and I have used 2 different shades of water colour pencils to add the illusion of more texture. Stay tuned!

This gorgeous sparkly number was a lovely shade of Lime Green with some added Red thanks to Mia. Now if I was doing a Christmas page then this may have worked but alas it did not so I have coated this one in Black Gesso and I have actually used it as a stencil over the top of the patterned paper so the Black Gesso shows the pattern on another section of this layout but again you will have to wait and see! Black Gesso is very simple and very matte (looks the same as black paint on Chipboard) so for some glitz and glamour I have added some Jingle Bells Glimmer Mist and because Glimmer Mists are transparent and Jingle Bells is a yellow shade, you can only see the glimmer.

Now have you ever had a really thin chipboard piece that you have added too much moisture too and it seems destroyed? Well the best thing is to always let it dry out and start again! That is exactly the opposite of what I did with the below LOL. The below Scraplet had lots of flecks of Orange and Black Paint covering it. Now I wanted to try something a little grungey for the photos I was working with and this is what I came up with. Adding to the orange I wanted to add some blue so I used Sapphire Glimmer Mist and then I needed more Brown so I have used Fuzzy Coconut Glimmer Glaze and some Suede Glimmer Mist. I have literally added coat after coat of these mediums until I achieved the look I was after and I honestly waited 3 days before I even touched it because it was so wet I wanted to know it was perfectly dry again LOL Not sure what the clumpy bits are but they must be from when my daughter was um painting grrr. Oh well they worked haha

Lastly I just quickly wanted to share with you a couple of my favourite techniques this week with chipboard LOL. I say this week very honestly as I do have a new favourite very regularly LOL.

Here is a title covered with the always gorgeous Ranger Liquid Pearls Bisque Colour. Isn't it an amazing 3D effect? I simply squeeze on over the entire surface of the scraplet and then I swirl it a little with the tip of the Liquid Pearls to create the amazing texture patterns in the pearl. Click the image to view it larger. This is effect is even more amazing when using 2 different colours and swirling them together although thin delicate chipboard titles would be a bit difficult for that I would think.

Here is a little buzzing bee I have made using more Scraplets of course and here I Have attached 2 different size bees together after painting with Black Paint and covering with Jingle Bells Glimmer Mist. I have then used Buttercup Ranger Liquid Pearls to fill in the gaps of the top bee. Isn't he a cutie?

Last but not least is this amazing Frame Scraplet. I have adhered some pattern paper to the chipboard from the Kaisercraft Sweet Nothings Collection. I then covered the patterned paper with various amounts of Glimmer Mist in blue & brown shades as well as some Glimmer Glam & Glimmer Glazes. The end result was incredible! The rusted metal look is just divine and the patterned paper underneath gives a subtle amount of interest underneath the glimmer. To finish this one off I have simply inked the edges with some dark brown ink. When doing lots of intricate inking like this I use a cotton bud from my bathroom LOL. I am sure there is some kind of tool available for it but the best thing I find is the cotton buds on the little sticks hehe.

Don't forget to keep an eye on the A2Z Scraplets blog over the next couple of days as Julie will be announcing the new releases very soon and then you will see all of these sneak peaks in full detail WOO HOO!

Until Next time...

Happy Scrapping!

Amy xxx

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  1. Oh my goodness Amy!!! What a story, and sounds like you've recovered well :)