Thursday, June 14, 2012

I never throw away my 'scraps' ...

... and sometimes they come in handy!

I know I'm not the only one out there who struggles to throw things in the bin.  Junk - yes, but offcuts that might be useful for something - no.

In one of my monthly projects this month for A2Z, I had a frame with lots of cut-outs .. and yes, I kept them all :)  I knew they'd be good for something!

I've used 3 chip squares with a script stamp and some embossing powder down the left hand side.  I didn't want a page that took over from the feeling in the photo and I thought these 3 'offcuts' worked well together on the page.

I've also used the word 'dream'.

So, don't throw it all away - it might just come in use :)



  1. Beautiful page with a amazing photo.

  2. You most certainly succeeded in your goal Sandra; I love the way you designed this layout keeping the photo as the focus because it truly is a very beautiful one. Your embellishments complemented it perfectly!

    1. Thanks Monica! I can't take credit for the photo ... my lovely husband is the camera expert in our house :)