Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Camping and crafting...

I have been super busy of late and decided on our Camping getaway that I was going to take some time to do some Scrapbooking… my beautiful husband made room to leave his golf clubs out and pop my scrapbooking gear in … bless him.

 Once there I had some awesome new Scraplets to work with and I also remembered to pack the new A2Z stencilets and masklets to have a play with. I had a heap of fun creating and listening to the sounds of the waves crashing on the sand and came up with the Just too Cute layout of my nephew.

So while being eaten by midgies and everything blowing around this is how I put it all together - 

I’ve used these fantastic Scraplets & Stencilet -Chevrons Stencilet/ maskelet, Cogs set 3 , 
Word ‘Just too Cute’ & the Cog banner

When creating my page I decided to follow the theme of the banner ends and carry this over with the strips of printed paper on the layout by cutting them the same.  The next step was to test the placement of the pictures and embellishments before I used the Chevron Stencilet – and I was pretty happy with the orange printed paper I had chosen as it picked up the handles of the scissors in the picture.

Okay with all that sorted it was time to play with the Chevron Stencilet…
I placed the Stencilet over the banner strips once they were stuck down and used texture paste to fill in some of the sections. I have used a knife to add the texture paste and i have added it roughly to the page to give added texture.

Once that was all done it was time to work on the other embellishments . Firstly I gave all the chipboard an undercoat of paint – I used Making Memories shopping bag as my color for this. Then I used a dry brush to paint some green over the chipboard pieces. 

For the next step  I sprayed some Glimmermist onto a mat and pressed the chipboard onto it to pick up hints of the color in random places.

 For the Word I found that it was blending in too much with the colors of the printed paper and the photos so I followed with a few more steps to help change the blending in problem I was having.

Firstly I used smooch to add more vibrancy – this was too bright so I then added some black paint that  I sponged off  - this helped give me the darkness I needed for the title but allowed for all the colors I had prepped earlier to show through.

The cogs were all prepared in the same way as the other chipboard. But leaving more solid color on them as to highlight them as a standout embellishment or they would get lost in their placement on the layout.

Finally I glued all embellishments and photos into place. I decided that the chevrons needed the white to be  toned down so I used my brown stamp pad and lightly brushed over the raised texture paste.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you can find some photos in your your pile of pics that you can use these  Scraplets and Stencilets with. I love the versatility and range of these products as they co-ordinate together to give a nice balanced layout.



  1. An awesome layout Tracey! Love how you transformed the scraplets into amazing and stunning embellies!

  2. Awesome job Tracey, well done