Sunday, January 6, 2013

December Daily


Hey there

Happy new year everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, spent with loved ones and making good memories. I know I certainly did, with it being our baby Lily's first christmas. Not that she has much recollection, as she was only 3 weeks old at Christmas.

Today I want to share a few pages from my December Daily. For those of you who do not know what a December Daily is, it is a mini album created to record the lead up to Christmas, often with a photo or even just journalling, to reflect the activities you did on each day in December. I did my first last year, although it was more of a general December summary. This year I have actually created a page per day, as it seemed important to record Lily's first few weeks in our lives and of course the wonderful lead up to Christmas.

Not the best photo of the cover but as you can see there is an awesome Christmas Scraplet, which was just perfect for this project.

 And here are a couple of pages from the start of my December daily... which I actually started in November since I put my christmas tree up a little early in case of an early arrival (Lily came on the 3rd and was due on the 6th).

For my album I used a Theresa Collins mini album kit which made it all quite easy, but you can use any mini album or make your own from scratch. The options are endless and there is so much inspiration for December Daily albums online. So if you haven't already, maybe you will decide to make your own for 2013 :)

Holly x


  1. This looks wonderful Holly.With the pregnancy/birth it will be great to look back on.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous Holly! And congrats on your new arrival.
    I had my dd#1 at the 5th of december (yet 22 years ago) and it was a really extra memorable holiday season.
    You will be cherishing this album more and more in years to come :)

  3. Very pretty!
    Love how you decorated each page!
    Love how you added the title to the front of the album!