Wednesday, September 18, 2013

worry box

hi everyone, bel here today to share another creation with you.
I have only done 3 off the page projects and 2 of those are for my daughter.
so this is one that I made a few weeks ago now.
its a worry box.
so the idea is for her to write down her worries, place them inside the box and then I check the box and we can talk about it.
this is the a2z scraplets I used
doodlet #27 (cut in half) and simply inked
it was the base of my cluster then a few flowers, thread and butterflies to finish it off.
this is the top of the box
close up
this is the inside of the box

the inside of the lid

 these doodlets are such a great way to start your cluster and they are so so so affordable.
don't you just love this paper??? I used it in my blind challenge so you will be seeing it again shortly.
keep those entries coming.
thanks for looking

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