Monday, March 24, 2014

a little re-introduction

Hello and good morning to you all. Today is my turn for a bit of a re-intro about myself ... and that is when the words slip my mind... it does not happen often but this kind of thing is really hard, so here it goes... 

My name is Tracey Thorne and I am married to a  fabulous husband and two teenage children and we live in Brisbane.... oh I almost forgot my extra child our dog Peppa... she gets a lot of paper time now and will be popping up in my layouts a lot more as it gets harder to photograph the teens.

I have doing some kind of craft since I was young. I come from a long line of crafters - dressmakers, milliners,cake makers,  potters, painters... so I guess I like to tinker as it is in my blood. I first started with dressmaking & photography in highschool then added quilting to that and then came Scrapbooking around 1997. The death of my father spurred me on to redo my parents' wedding album. Looking at it now it could be time to re-do that album as things have certainly changed from way back then. Not realising it was scrapbooking I was introduced properly to the craft by a good friend Kerri when she had 'a party' at her home around 2005. From there on we hit it off and were crafting together all the time, papercrafts and fabric ... definitely some of the best highlights of my life. Now a days I love to get together with a lot of friends I have met online and travel to craft retreats when I can making new memories everyday and learning all the time. 

I have been lucky enough to be on the A2Z Scraplets team for quite a long time and am enjoying being a part of all the new things that are being developed by Debra. Here are a few of my past layouts that are my favourites - 

I look forward to sharing some of the new designs with you real soon... have a great week of crafting 

 p.s i'll have to re edit as i need to find a good pic of me -- I like to dodge the camera a bit.... ;)

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