Wednesday, May 21, 2014

some older scraplets....

how are you all today?
 bel back again to show you more adorable older A2Zscraplet titles.

here is my page

with a close up

(sorry about the terrible pic...its cloudy and raining so not a great photo opportunity)

this is the hip hip hooray 2 title in its raw form

i did cut it to make it fit my page and then i dabbed some gesso over it allowed it to dry and inked over the top. 

now, this photo is just over 2 years old now. Because our baby was born at 22:30 i had asked my husband to bring the kids up the morning after he was born but before our daughter had to go to school, so its the first photo we have of our new little family. 

 i have used the a2z scraplets picture frame 17

this is how my page turned out.

with a close up

i put a little gesso on it and then sprayed it with glimmermist while wet. 
i then added a few little stitches with some twine and put a little cluster of flowers in between the other flowers on the frame. 

what do you do to your scraplets?
                   dont forget to let us know  in the comments or over on our facebook page
we love seeing your work so please feel free to share it with us too.

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