Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Project life using A2z scraplets

Hi Caz here with you today sharing some pages I created of photos of a concert I went to back in 2011. I had lots of photos I wanted to add to these pages but did not want to make heaps and heaps of pages so I decided to do it project life style. For me I find this is a way to complete events where you have many photos. I get weighed down by it and they just seem to sit and never get completed. This takes all the weight off my shoulder and they are completed in no time.

I am sharing the pages with you that I used A2z scraplets on. It was a Cold chisel concert and in all I think I had 14 pages including the tour programme and a sign my cute little daughter made for me to hold at the concert. I added it as it was such a cute little gesture.

 #best time ever was the one scraplet. I cut it to fit on the card and it fit perfectly. It is out of the Hashtag photowords set of 6 PL.
 All the scraplets I have just sprayed with Lindys stamp gang Starburst gold spray.
The little star and hashtag are from Symbols 1 small

 #lifeisgreat is out of the Hashtag photowords set of 6 PL.

The my story arrow above is from the My story set of 5 pieces PL
 Am hoping that you have gained some inspiration from these pages and maybe theres some piles of photos that you have been meaning to scrap but did not know how to go about it. Have fun.

Till next time

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