Thursday, January 9, 2014

bel's January challenge page

how are you challenge pages going?
i know its hard to find time to scrap during the holidays but i was lucky enough to get this challenge before hand so i could give you a little inspiration to get your pages done!!

Belinda set the challenge "to try something you have not done before"
i couldnt think of anything that wasnt going to make me spend a heap of money on scrapbooking things i didnt have cos lets face it....sometimes if i havent tried a technique its because i dont have the items i need. 
but then i got thinking...i love to use chipboard (especially A2Zscraplets) but i LOVE to use pattern paper!
i had never done a layout without pattern paper....have you?

so out comes my pebblestones stencilets

cos it was going to be a perfect background for my creek photo.
with a bit of gesso, some spray, threads, flower vines and metal flowers i have my page

here is how it turned out

with a close up of the pic

so we cant wait to see what you create. 
dont forget to get your entries in by the 31st of jan.


  1. So beautiful!! Your layout has captured the beauty of nature perfectly!

  2. loved the challenge.........mines linked now......stunning layout