Friday, October 17, 2014


Hi everyone, its Kerry here today to share some layouts with you. I have been scrapping a bit this past couple of weeks and i love how easy an A2Z scraplet can just finish a layout off for me or to grab an easy title. I sometimes find titles very hard, some layouts the title is so easy, others can be hard.

All my kids love lego. Its the one staple christmas and birthday present for them all. They are getting quite the collection between them all. So the lego A2Z pieces are used easily here. Lol.

I love to build the lego pieces up.

A quick coat of paint to give them whatever colour you desire.

I had this easter egg hunt scraplet for a while. I can struggle with bit pieces but ended up cutting this piece up. Love how it came out.

I wrapped a bit of twine around the egg for some detail.

Yes, some more lego.

What a lego man. Loved this piece.

Thanks foe stopping by and reading
Kerry xx

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