Sunday, April 26, 2015

Embossing powders .... have you tried them???

Long time no post from me *Deb*

Some time ago we adopted a rescue dog and this was the first face we saw. Alfie had been through quite a lot but was a lovable energetic little fella. We managed to get his health back up, he put on weight and was going really well. Unfortunately it was not meant to be and sadly Alfie only had a short life with us.

The title is a custom cut and I have simply embossed it using an antique embossing powder. Now by antique, I mean both the finish and the age. I have had the powder for well over 10 years and it is still as new! 

Embossing is a very simple technique. Again, both the ink and powder are quite old and no longer available but there are some superb new ones on the market. You will need a piece of chipboard, pigment ink pad and embossing powder of your choice. A pigment ink is a slow drying ink and most suitable for embossing. I have used a similar color to the powder result to get a full color finish. different color inks will give different color results to the end product.

Firstly ink the chipboard directly from the ink pad. By dabbing downwards you can use even the smallest ink pads. Cover well with ink.

Whilst still wet, cover liberally with embossing powder. Place a piece of paper underneath so you can collect the excess. Shake off excess.

On a heat proof surface, gently heat with a heat gun until powder melts. Do not use a hair dryer, this will blow the powder away. When I started embossing I used a toaster but the family got a little sick of glitter and colors on their breakfast toast! Not the mention the color and bling the toaster ended up with.

Once heated, the powders will be set. Please remember to let them cool before touching as they can be very hot and sticky. This is only a couple of minutes. The end result is fabulous. Once you have mastered this technique the options are endless. You can mix and match powders. Emboss with one color and then add highlights with another. Make your own powders from what you have by combining a small amount of a couple, three or four. Experiment!

A close up of the finished chipboard on the page.

Until next time,
Have fun and 
Happy Scrapping

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  1. Poor Alfie, at least his short life with you was a beautiful one xx
    Lovely layout, embossing ROCKS!