Tuesday, October 4, 2016

You Are Priceless

Hello, Tanya here with my layout inspired by the lovely colours in this 
months A2Z Scraplets October Challenge.  Hopefully you all get to find some
time to participate, we love seeing what you create.

Yes its not the best photo but unfortunately its the only photo we got of the 3 of 
us together. We asked Ian to take it for us and as you can see we are lucky to even be 
in the photo. You do have to laugh though, I kept asking him if he had us in the photo 
as I could tell by how high up the camera was pointing that he was getting more of the 
trees than us!!!So good and bad photos all need to be scrapbooked if they tell a story 
or share a great memory.

The lovely You are Priceless chipboard was painted with pink paint and then covered 
with Crackle Accents. Once dry the pink actually looked pretty wishy washy and more 
of a peach colour so I painted over it again with the pink paint. So glad I did because I 
love how the crackle shows up better and the colour was just as I hoped for.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to take a look at my personal blog
Cheers - Tanya


  1. Love this, and I agree it's the memory that needs to be documented , even if we think the photo is not the best. I think it is a lovely photo though, you could crop the background trees out if you wanted

    1. Thanks Mary.....I was going to crop the photo but we got such a laugh when he took the photo for us and got so much of the trees, I just couldn't as it was part of the story.