Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Born to Sparkle

Good morning 

Today I'm sharing my challenge layout with you. 
The mood board is all about love this month as its Valentines Day soon.

I did what I thought was a lovely layout of my daughter Leah and the love of her life, 
her puppy Eric. Well it seems that Eric didn't like the layout I did or didn't like that 
I was going to share it on social media. I only had to stick a couple of embellishments 
onto the layout and it was finished but the rotten damn dog ate half the layout and chewed 
the rest. I can see the funny side now but there wasn't much love between him and I for a 
few days. 

My second attempt of a layout for this week is minus the dog. I decided to scrap a photo 
of someone much cuter than him!!! Gorgeous little Georgia is much sweeter than Eric.

The chipboard I have used on this layout is Born to Sparkle. I have painted it with white paint 
and while it was still wet I have sprinkled some white and silver glitter onto it.

Here is what was left from the first layout I did. 

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful week xx

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