Saturday, August 2, 2014

21st Birthday Mini Album

Caz here sharing with you today a mini album I made for my besties daughter. I have watched this young lady grow from birth till now so I wanted it to be special. Something she could keep as a memento. She has a 21st birthday party tonight so I have added 2 pages so the guests can sign and leave a memento of the night for her to look back on. Her party colours were purple black and silver so I chose those as the colours of the album.
First is the album as a whole and then I will show each page individually before it was binded together. Sorry if the quality of my photos is not the best. We have floods here at the moment it has rained cats and dogs since Monday and yesterday and today snow also so natural light is almost non existent.

 First photo as I said is the album all binded together. The front cover has the month scraplet and a vine scraplet on it that I wanted to be all sparkly. So I ran the scraplets right side down through my Xyron sticker maker then sprinkled with glitter, was so easy and gave the effect I wanted. I have used this effect throughout the album on scraplets.


 A close up of the front cover before I binded it all together. each page looks so different without the pages behind it, as the album is layered they look different alone.
Inside the 21 was hard to decorate so I kept it simple a few petals and then a little poem.

3rd page we have a little poem and space for a special photo.
 4th page a page for the guests to sign. More of the star scraplets all glittered up.
5th page being the second page guests can sign.

6th page and the one which was hardest to photograph because of no sunlight but the scraplet butterfly actually has a black glittered centre and a purple glitter outer. AM a little sad the photo does not show this and I rephotographed oodles of times. More of the vine scraplet also and my message to the birthday girl.
I used the following products:
I do hope she likes it. I have had a blast making it for her. I hope you have enjoyed todays little bit of inspiration.
Till next time

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